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The "Kalterer Plent"

Far and wide there are only vineyards and fruit orchards to be seen and not a trace of a corn field... >

Kaltern am SeeBolzano Vigneti e DolomitiSüdtirol Alto Adige

Videos from Kaltern and surround. Some impressions of the south.

Culturonda® Wine App

The app is a guide that helps you deepen your exploration and enjoyment of South Tyrol’s rich culture of wine. Twelve themes, each with three points of interest, have been selected for your journey: vinescapes and architecture, terroir, local varieties, vines, wineries, wine history, wine monasteries, wine and art, dining, wine legends, and the art of tasting wine.

The highlights of the app:
• 12 Cultural Experiences
• Point of Interest Finder
• My Points of Interest
• Pairing Wines
• Events
• Videos
• Podcasts
• Interactive Map

The app offers intriguing texts about the specific themes and points of interest, listings of opening hours for various attractions, information about use of public transport and available parking facilities, and a detailed travel description using Google maps; numerous photos, 3 videos and even 10 audio stories top off the experience. A handy service tool makes it easy to do a search for a particular point of interest − even taking into account your physical location and the amount of time you have at your disposal. A menu item called Pairing Wines will help you choose the ideal wine to enjoy together with various South Tyrolean specialties.

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