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The "Kalterer Plent"

Far and wide there are only vineyards and fruit orchards to be seen and not a trace of a corn field... >

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Videos from Kaltern and surround. Some impressions of the south.

I. Look the wine deep in the eyes

Pour a small amount of wine in the proper glass and take the time to observe it well. Hold the glass up to a light colored background (ideally pure white) and tip it a bit to one side.

What do you see?

….exactly: a color tone.

And you can also see if the wine is clear or if it is somewhat cloudy; you can notice if there are bubbles (carbonic acid) or if it remains still.

Already these first optical impressions of color tone and color depth and of clarity and sparkle can give the first indications of the wine’s liveliness. Just as is true with food, you also consume wine with your eyes!

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