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Videos from Kaltern and surround. Some impressions of the south.


This DOC designation is not preceded by the word "Südtirol". That is because "Kalterersee" may also be produced in five communities across the district border in Trentino. If the "Kalterersee" is grown in Kaltern, Eppan, Tramin, Kurtasch, Montan, Neumarkt, Auer, Pfatten, or Branzoll, it may carry the designation "classico-klassisch". In that event, the designation may also be preceded by the word "Südtirol". "Kalterer" is made from Vernatsch grapes. However, up to 15 percent Lagrein or Pinot Nero may be added. "Kalterersee" that is a especially high quality may carry the additional designation "Auslese" (“select”). The area of cultivation of "Kalterersee" amounts to 605 hectares (1,494 acres - 12 percent).

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