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Speck Carpaccio

South Tyrolean Speck Carpaccio with yellow boletus mushrooms

Appropriate wine: Pinot Grigio

For four people:
Ingredients: 200 g South Tyrolean Speck
80 g fresh yellow boletus mushrooms
2 radishes
10 g spring onions
60 g lamb's lettuce salad
Dressing: a tablespoonful of lemon juice
freshly grounded white pepper
4 tablespoonful of olive oil
Additional: a tablespoonful of horseradish
2 tablespoonful of bread croutons

Salad dressing: Stir the lemon juice, the salt and the freshly grated white pepper in a bowl. Afterwards add the olive oil, continue to stir and taste the flavour.
Carpaccio: Slice the speck and arange it in a circle on the plate. Clean the yellow boletus mushrooms, cut it into thin slices and spread them on the speck.
Clean the radishes, wash them and slice them as well. Clean the spring onions, slice them also and put it together with the radishes and the lamb’s lettuce salad on the speck.
In the end you have to pour some of the dressing onto the carpaccio and add the horseradish and the bread croutons . Now it is ready to be served!

· Instead of the fresh yellow boletus mushrooms you may also serve it with marinated ones!
· You may add parmesan to the carpaccio if you wish

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