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The "Kalterer Plent"

Far and wide there are only vineyards and fruit orchards to be seen and not a trace of a corn field... >

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Videos from Kaltern and surround. Some impressions of the south.

The home of the "Kalterersee"

The entire landscape all around Lake Kalterer See. A point of reference and stability, a symbol of fertility and vitality – and of course, it’s the namesake of a wine that no one can leave untouched. It has influenced, accompanied, and nourished its people for centuries. And when nobody was looking, somehow created a life of its own, that initially was viewed with delightful amazement but then with growing concern. Nevertheless, what has developed over so many years, remains. And with the coming of the new millennium, the wine village of Kaltern’s search for its identity has finally come to an end. The clear answer is the Kalterersee. Lake Kaltern am See — one of Europe’s most beautiful wine villages. Immense: This is what you call a wine region. And what is it that makes Kaltern so special? Well, because it’s Kaltern am See! Because here, the mountains and lake are neighbors, and because here old and new wine architecture causes quite a stir, and because here you find white and red wines of character. In short, because here, as the saying goes, “it’s just like the south only in the north!”

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