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The "Kalterer Plent"

Far and wide there are only vineyards and fruit orchards to be seen and not a trace of a corn field... >

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Videos from Kaltern and surround. Some impressions of the south.

The Kalterer Wine Taxi

Kaltern's Wine Taxi
Kaltern's Wine Taxi

Since lately there have been quite a lot of reinforcements as far as traffic regulations are concerned, the organisation wein.kaltern has come to the conclusion that there is the necessity of introducing a cab service in Kaltern. This new service will be available for all guests but also for local people. That way all wein.kaltern partners will be better connected and easier accessible. Thanks to this initiative everyone will be able to enjoy wine and culinary in Kaltern without any more concerns!

Just go out, taste wine in different resaurants and pubs in Kaltern town and around the lake and in the end don't worry about getting back home safely... wein.kaltern will take care of that!

Lake Cab:
Tel: +39 338 693 5539

Taxi Sausewind:
Tel: +39 339 744 0483

Taxl Weiss:
Tel: +39 338 475 9180

The taxi service is also available for trips beyond the Municipality of Caldaro.

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