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The "Kalterer Plent"

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The Kalterersee: a portrayal

Kalterer Vernatsch
Kalterer Vernatsch

The Vernatsch vine is one of the oldest native red wine varieties in South Tyrol and has always been the basic grape behind the most famous of all South Tyrolean red wines, the Kalterersee.

The color of the Kalterersee can range from light and clear shades, all the way to a strong sparkling ruby red color.

Pleasantly fresh and fruity with scents ranging from cherries and currants to the more typical well-developed almond tones with a delicate aroma of violets.

Dry, soft and silky with low levels of acidity and tannins; well-balanced and harmoniously mild to well-defined, elegant and delicate, but yet also with such a strong structure that it leaves behind with its tasty characteristics a pleasant and inspiring feeling to the palate. The low tannin levels and the pleasant acidity make the Kalterersee extremely drinkable.

The Kalterersee can be kept in the cellar for 1 to 2 years.

The Kalterersee is like no other wine since it can accompany nearly all dishes and can be served at every occasion. It especially goes well with the South Tyrolean traditional harvest dish of speck, sausages, mild cheeses; but it also goes wonderfully with the most various appetizers from the Mediterranean cuisine and also with pizza, cooked and grilled white and dark meats and naturally, also with all of the typical and tasty dishes from the local kitchen.

Drinking Temperature
The Kalterersee tastes best when it is still quite young. It is to be consumed chilled, but not cold, usually best just one year old. The drinking temperature should be between 14°C and 16°C, which is much lower than most red wine varieties.

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