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The "Kalterer Plent"

Far and wide there are only vineyards and fruit orchards to be seen and not a trace of a corn field. Have you noticed that? In fact, polenta... >

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Videos from Kaltern and surround. Some impressions of the south.

The wines

Andi Sölva
Kalterersee Auslese Klassisch Sea

Tenuta Baron Di Pauli
Kalkofen Kalterersee cl. sup.

Cantina Josef Brigl
Kalterersee Auslese cl. sup.Kaltenburg
Kalterersee classico vigna Windegg

Castel Sallegg
Kalterersee Auslese cl. sup. Bischofsleiten

Tenuta Dominikus
Kalterersee Auslese Dominikus cl. sup.

Kellerei Cantina Kaltern
Leuchtenburg Kalterersee cl. sup.
Quintessenz Kalterersee cl. sup.

Cantina Kettmeir
Kalterersee Klassisch

Tenuta Klosterhof
Kalterersee cl. sup. Plantaditsch

Tenuta Armin Morandell
Kalterersee Klassisch Delia

Tenuta Nicolussi-Leck
Kalterersee cl. sup. 2017Alexander

Tenuta Niklas
Kalterersee cl. sup. Klaser

Tenuta Oberpreyhof
Kalterersee Auslese cl. sup. Preyer

Tenuta Peter Sölva
DeSilva Kalterersee cl. sup. Peterleiten

Tenuta Prälatenhof
Kalterersee cl. sup.

Tenuta Ritterhof
Kalterersee cl. sup. Novis

Tenuta Seeperle
Kalterersee Auslese cl. sup. scheinheilig

Tenuta Steflhof
Kalterersee Auslese cl. sup.

Tenuta St. Quirinus
Kalterersee St. Quirinus

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